4 More Work From Home Jobs

There are 4 More jobs that pays you $20 per hour or even more. To check the list of legit sites read this complete article till end.

1. Nexrep



    Are you looking for work-from-home opportunity that allows time flexibility, growth, and the autonomy to be your own boss?

    Are you friendly, outgoing, and passionate about being the best at what you do?

    Then Nexrep is the best suites you, Many NexRep independent agents generate the equivalent of $15 per hour while the best agents are exceeding the equivalent of $25 per hour.


NexRep agents can grow their income by applying experiences, skills, and certifications they gain to optimize their working hours, instead of waiting for a 3% annual increase from their employer.


NexRep agents have the freedom to choose their schedules and availability. Working from home without the requirement of an 8-hour “shift”, allows agents the flexibility to balance business and family.


At NexRep, you’ll be an independent contractor, not an employee. There are many advantages to this, including the ability for you to choose when you will provide services.


Unlike other companies that provide work-from-home opportunities, you will not just be a number in a report. From your initial phone assessment through certification to live calls and chats, NexRep’s experienced, professional staff provides the personalized support that will enable you to reach your full potential.


Benefits of Working with NexRep


    Be your own boss. You decide when to work and what companies to support.

    Optimize your earning potential – you are not capped by an employee salary

    Answer calls wherever you please; take your business with you when you move




    A quiet work area free of background noise and distraction during working hours

    Access to a cell phone or landline, only during initial certification

    Ability to pass a national criminal background check at your expense. NexRep has contracted with a national background check provider for you get a background check that meets all of NexRep’s and NexRep’s clients’ requirements for only $25.00, payable by credit card.




A Windows or Mac computer with the following:


    Ability to read Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and .PDF documents

    Minimum of 1 GB of RAM memory

    Compatible operating systems:

    Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10

    Mac OS X Lion (Version 10.7), Mountain Lion (Version 10.8), Mavericks (Version 10.9), Yosemite (Version 10.10), or El Capitan (Version 10.11)


    Noise-cancelling headset connected via wired USB connection (not Bluetooth) to the computer


High-speed internet


    Connected to your computer by cable – no WiFi connectivity while providing services

    Minimum of 250 kpbs

    Satellite connections not allowed


2. 10UP


10UP is known because their team thinks big. They’re constantly challenging to grow and exceed thier own expectations, individually and collectively. Nothing is more satisfying than finding the solution to a complex problem and then making it happen.


Open positions are listed below; if one of them sounds like you and you’re motivated to grow with a diverse team in a fast-paced, remote work environment, get in touch with 10UP


  1. Associate Director of Business Development
  2. Senoir Team Lead
  3. Front End Engineer
  4. Web Strtegist
  5. Advertising Operations Strategist
  6. Associate Director of CLient Delivery
  7. Team Leader
  8. Senoir Project Manager
  9. Project Manager
  10. Audience & Revenue Strategist
  11. Operations/Adminstrative
  12. Web Engineer
  13. Visual Designer
  14. UX Designer
  15. System Engineer


3. Blue Zebra Appointment Settings


Blue Zebra Appointment Setting is a virtual company. Every member of the Blue Zebra team works from their home. Each member is empowered to focus on what is really important to them in life. They leverage technology to link them together and create a positive work environment. Most importantly, Blue Zebra business model provides the opportunity for you to manage a team after demonstrating consistant results and high perfomance. Finally, Blue Zebra Appointment Settings dream is for each member to realize their dream – to be compensated well for their efforts and to grow into management opportunities. Together, Blue Zebra strive to mutually achieve thier clients dreams.


The Career Opportunities.


All opportunities are awarded based upon quality results and performance. The Management Track, comprised of four levels: Bronz, Silver, Gold and Platinum, begins with appointment setting only, then progresses to a blend of appointment setting and management and, finally, culminates into a pure management role.


Current Job Opportunities.


#1. Appointment Setter.


Position: Professional cold calling and appointment setting, B2B, work from home, telecommute, independent contractor. This job opportunity entails cold calling or prospecting to set qualified appointments for Blue Zebra Appointment Settings clients. Blue Zebra Appointment Setting is a leading, professional appointment setting company.


#2. Administrative Assistant.


Position: Administrative Assistant, work from home, independent contractor. Compensation: High hourly rate contingent up on experience and skill level. Contracting fees paid weekly.


4. Magoosh


Magoosh launched in 2009 with a mission to fix a broken test prep industry. It started with four co-founders and a few computers. Today, Mangoosh team is growing fast and thier products are used all over the world in more than 180 countries. Millions have studied with them, downloaded thier apps, read Mangoosh blogs, and watched Mangoosh videos. Every day they work with thousands of students to help them study at their own pace, on their own time, regardless of location, social status, or background.


As the demand for high test scores has grown, admission to top schools has become almost unattainable for those who can’t afford expensive prep classes and tutors. Mangoosh changing that by helping millions of students study at their own pace, and on their own time – regardless of location, social status, or background.


It’s time for more students to reap the rewards of advanced education. Mangoosh aim to enrich society by making education more accessible and helping more of those who dream of an advanced degree, a better position, and a more fulfilling lifestyle, get what they seek.


Find out if you’d be a good fit for Mangoosh team!


#1 Data Science Blogger


About the Job


This is not your ordinary blogging job! Mangoosh team is looking for a Data Science Blogger to write informative articles for students learning topics in data science. Your posts will help readers understand some of the most important concepts in data science, including decision trees, artificial intelligence, and Bayesian logic. You’ll write about topics such as how to clean and prepare your data for analysis, perform basic visualisation of your data, model your data, curve-fit your data, present your findings and more!


This is a remote contract position – you can work from anywhere! Even though this position is remote.


Pay is $25 – $75 per article, depending on the complexity of the topic.

In this position, you will…


    Write original content for the Magoosh Online Learning blog on a list of data science topics.



#2 Statistics Blogger


This is a remote contract position – you can work from anywhere! Even though this position is remote, you must be authorized to work in the US.


Pay is $25 – $75 per article, depending on the complexity of the topic.

In this position, you will…


    Write original content for the Magoosh Online Learning blog on a list of statistics topics.


    Collaborate with Mangoosh blog editor to produce high-quality content that is informative, engaging, and well-optimized for search engine results.


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