What is Domain Name?

The domain name is nothing but a website address that you put on the browser address bar (For Example olx.com, hugetasks.com, facebook.com etc) and it is extremely active and competitive, it makes no surprise that so many people are getting involved in buying and selling domain names on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misguidance online concerning the value and selling process of domain names.

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What is Domain Speculation?

Domain speculation is the art of selecting the value of buying and selling domain names. For many individuals and businesses, this practice has become a full-time profitable job.

There are two main types of domain speculators: Number one those who buy domains, build sites around them, and then flip the domain and accompanying website, and Number two are those that buy and sell domain names without web sites attached. While both can be very lucrative businesses, the second type is much easier for fresher to learn.

How to Obtain Valuable Domain Names –

Buying a domain name is simple, however, finding correct name will actually yield a profit which is much more difficult. There are many factors that determine the value of a domain name, but the major factors are easy to remember and keyword/SEO optimization.

One of the best ways to obtain a good domain, which is search engine optimized is to purchase existing domains via auction sites.  This strategy can be beneficial mainly in two ways.  First, any domain that has already been purchased was probably already researched for potential benefits.  Secondly and more importantly, the second benefit is that many recently expired domains still retain some of the search engine optimization attributes that were built up by the previous owner. For example, a recently expired domain name may still have active back links on the web, and the page rank of the domain could still be high, giving the purchaser instant SEO gratification with minimal effort.

Using keyword research tools is another great way to find out which domains could prove to be valuable, most of the webmasters use such tools when deciding which domains to buy. If you obtain a domain name that contains a popular keyword, then you can easily find a buyer in most cases.

Selling the Domain Name –

Using auction sites (Like:-  godaddy.com, flippa.com, sedo.com etc) and forums is perhaps the best way to find qualified buyers that are interested in your domain, and using auctions will take some of the stress away from establishing the value of a domain name yourself.

Instead of focusing on one domain name to sell quickly, try selling large volumes of domain names over longer periods of time. While this may require a more substantial investment, it will also return a greater profit in the long term. Remember, if you follow the basic principles of domain name speculation, there is good chance that your domain names will sell eventually.

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