Most of the businesses communicate with their customers/suppliers in written form for example email, to explain them about product features, usage guides, or written blog contents etc. Whenever businesses grow globally they need to communicate with their customers in a language which they understand.

For example you might have seen the many products in the market with written instruction in different languages, that work is done by document translators.

How does translators work?

Translators must read the original language fluently but may not need to speak it fluently. They usually translate only into their native language. Nearly all translation work is done on a computer, and translators receive and submit most assignments electronically.

Suitable For –

Anyone with bachelor’s degree

Skills Required –

  • Convert concepts in the source language to equivalent concepts in the target language
  • Speak, read, and write fluently in at least two languages, including English and one or more others
  • Relay style and tone
  • Manage work schedules to meet deadlines
  • Render spoken ideas accurately, quickly, and clearly


  1. Setup your home or office with a computer and high speed internet connection and a headset with mic.
  2. You will get most of the translation jobs are in Spanish, Japanese, Korea, Chinese, French and other national languages. So try to learn and be fluent in any one of them. They will help you to earn more money.

Where Will You find Job?

The best way to get started is to upload your resume and list your rates and services on It offers you a free online directory of translations and translation jobs.

Another option is to register with following top sites, please note these sites will provide you translation jobs based on your expertise and abilities.

Following is the list of Top websites;

How much Money You can Make as a Translator;

You will earn about $12/hour for translating normal documents and up to $40/hour for translating technical or scientific documents.

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