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Nowadays people are being interested in making money online. It is not that much hard indeed. You can earn even if you haven’t that many skills like coding, web designing and so on.If you are a newbie in freelancing sector and interested in making money online, then you may try microworkers.com. You may not earn huge from there, but it will easy to have $200/month from there by working the small job which can be done by anyone if he/she had the capability to read employee’s instruction.

You can expect the job like signing up for different websites, app download/install, blog writing, and forum posting and so on. Depending on task difficulty level employee sets the payment. However, you may ignore any work if you do not wish to do for its pricing or difficulty level. It’s all up to you indeed. You can withdraw if your balance is over 9$+fee. Different payment methods are available like Skrill, PayPal, bank withdraw, Payoneer, etc . While doing these job you can easily earn $100-$200, but you have to keep learning new things in order earn big from elite marketplace later on.

What is Microworkers?

Microworkers is an innovative crowd sourcing, International online platform for people to who want to earn some money without needing any specialized skills. It connects Employers and Workers from around the world. It is one of the legitimate work at home job sites that I have come across before that actually does pays people.


How Microworkers works

The tasks assigned to Workers and paid for by Employers are simple and quick, mostly completed in a few minutes, thus they are called “microjobs”. These tasks include data mining, data categorization, data tagging, data labeling, data matching, sentiment analysis, event sequencing, transcription, content comparison, content evaluation, surveys, research studies, application testing and so much more.

You can be expected to be paid a few cent up to a few dollars per task depending on how much a job poster would pay.

Joining Microworkers is free, and as an International site, anyone from any country can be a member!

Once you are in, you can pick the jobs and task and you get paid after that.


How to get Started Registration is rather simple. All you need to do is click the register for free button. You would be brought to a page where you would need to fill up these details:

  •    Your Full Name
  •    Your Email Address
  •    Password
  •    Country of residence

After which, you would need to verify your Email before you are able to log in. It is also important that your name is correct as you would be sent a PIN number to your address (which you will fill in later).


How to use Microworkers

Once you have logged in, you would be presented with a list of tasks that you can do. This can range from signing up for various things, clicking on stuff, commenting on a video, and even more.

Microworkers tasks

If you noticed, it doesn’t pay a lot per task, but you generally can finish each task in 5 minutes or less. There are some important factors you should know

Success rate: The Microworkers Success Rate ensures Employers that they get quality results from the campaigns they are running. This feature prevents workers from posting spam or fake proofs, and low-quality output of the tasks they perform.

Microworkers Success Rate

Poorly performed tasks will give you a negative rating and will pull your Success Rate down. To maintain a high Success Rate, make sure to only accept tasks you are capable of completing.

The Temporary Success Rate is the Rating you can find below your Success Rate. It calculates your working ability including Satisfied vs Not-Satisfied tasks + Not-Rated tasks in a period of last 60 days.Please ensure that your Temporary Success Rate is always above 75% to be able to continue performing jobs.

What is Reputation?


The number of stars in each category reflects your Reputation. The greater the number of your Satisfied tasks, the more stars will be assigned to you (1-5). Workers with most stars will be included in the “Best Workers” group.

What is TTR (Time-to-Rate)?

TTR is number of days set by the Employer to allow him to rate tasks. Basic tasks should be set around 1-7 days since the Workers submissions may already be verified within the period. Should you wish to set your TTR beyond seven days, please provide a valid reason for such

  •    Done: Indicates how many tasks are done already. 32/48 means the task has been done 32 times, and need 16 more inputs before the job is completed.

With many offers and tasks that you can do, you should be aiming for the ones that you can complete quickly and without much hassle. Generally, I tend to avoid anything that asks you to sign up as it is a very tedious process. I rather do the jobs that require you to click various links or do a search on Google.

You can sort according to the most paying job, latest jobs, best rating (success), or TTR. Use this to your advantage to find out the best combination of tasks you can complete.

There is also no difference in Jobs or HG jobs. The only difference with HG jobs is that the job posters hired you directly for the job instead of opening it up to everyone.

Once you decided to take on the task, you would encounter a page similar to this to show you what you need to do, and what you need to submit. The details shown will tell you how much you earn and the time needed roughly you need to spend on it. Tasks will be reviewed in the given number of days too.

The instructions are usually clear cut to answer, and I recommend avoiding any tasks that are not clear in what they want you to submit (In order not to jeopardize your success rate).

If you choose to take on the job, you can click the submit button below the instructions and fill in the details that is required.


Cashing Out

How To Withdraw Money From Microworkers.com

This part is slightly tricky especially if you are withdrawing for the first time. You would need to receive a PIN from them which is only sent to your mailing address.

What is a Microworkers PIN?

Withdrawals require a PIN in order to be activated. Your PIN is mailed to your home/mailing address after placing first withdrawal request. This is an automated process. The reason why PIN is mailed to one’s mailing address is to ensure that all Workers are verified, thus, preventing multiple accounts. Once the PIN is mailed, such status will be displayed in your account and a link will appear on your page where you may enter your PIN once it is received.

After such is completed, your withdrawals will be activated.

PIN delivery can take between 1-4 weeks, depending on your mailing service and location.

Please ensure you have entered your correct mailing address. An option to request a new PIN is displayed in your page if such is not received. A $2 fee will be deducted from your account balance if you opt to request a new PIN.

For succeeding withdrawals, a withdrawal PIN to one’s email is sent in order to complete the withdraw request.




  • The PIN process is only performed for the first withdrawal request and will no longer be repeated once your withdrawals are activated.
  • Without verifying the PIN number, you would be unable to withdraw any money from Microworkers at all.

Once you are done with the PIN process, you can withdraw your funds from the ‘Withdraw’ tab.

The page is quite clear on what you need to input in order to get payments. There is also another Email verification PIN so that you are able to cash out as well. They definitely are very strict about it, which I think is done to prevent people hacking accounts and cashing out to their own Paypal.

You should to have minimum balance of $9.675 in order to cash out to Paypal.



  •    Don’t bother with the tasks that take too long unless it pays very well.
  •    Try to do tasks that you are particularly good at, as you may be able to perform it at a faster speed after a while and maximize your earnings.
  •    Avoid tasks with low success rates. There may be a reason why it is so low.
  •    Remember to finish the tasks that you sign up for, and also make sure you done the job properly or your success rate will drop.



Microworkers does not have a referral program as of typing of this post. I will update this accordingly if it updates with one!


Is this legit?


So, what are you waiting for 🙂 click here to register on microworkers site.

and please find below my latest payment proof just to boost your confidence, follow me for more tips and stay away from  fraud people or scam sites who promise to make you rich over night.

Microworkers Payment Proof

Enjoy working here 🙂

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  1. ANAND says:

    If you worked in microworks personally please share about it ?

    1. Syed says:

      First of all I would like to say thank you for being with me,
      Yes, I worked and still working on it. It is the best and easiest way of earning money online.

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