How TO Make Money on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is California Based online platform where you can earn points called SB, which can be redeemed for gift cards and coupons. You can quickly earn SB points by watching videos, playing games, answering questions, shopping online, and even surfing the web using their search bar. Refer your friends, and you’ll earn even more SB points. Your SB points can be traded in for gift cards from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, PayPal and Walmart. Plus, when you sign up you’ll get a $5 bonus!

Is it Legit?

There are many sites on Internet which claims that they are legit, most of them either scam sites or just they don’t pay. But in case of Swagbucks is a real site which pay real cash or gift cards to their users. I have personally used Swagbucks and earn lot of SB which I used to do shopping on Flipkart & Amazon.

So don’t worry it is 100% legit sites which pays you in the form of Paypal Cash cards or gift cards which can be used to do shopping on Amazon, Flipkart etc.


How to Join Swagbucks

Simply click here to create an account, it will navigate you to swagbucks site and click on join now button after filling the details on the first screen, you can either use your email id or your Facebook account while signing up.


How To Earn Money on Swagbucks:

Swagbucks Earning Ways

There are many ways through which you can make money, among which I am listing you some ways which are easy and anybody can work on it.


  • Participate in Available Surveys

Here you need to participate in some surveys, complete the survey and get SB points. Usually survey consumes your 15-30 minutes which will give you 60 to 300 SB points.


it depends on which kind of survey you are attaining or you are eligible for.

You need to qualify before trying to attempt the survey.


  • Do Shopping

Confused?, Yes by doing shopping through swagbucks you can get huge amount of SB points comparing to any other available tasks on swagbucks. If you are an online purchaser you can route all your purchases through swagbucks, you will get the items on same price whatever you were buying from online stores but here plus point is you will get SB points as discount with your desired products which can be redeemable through Paypal cash  or gift cards.


  • Referral Program

This is one of the most powerful tool in the swagbucks. Refer your friends and relatives to join Swagbucks through your referral link and get instant 500SB points plus 10% of commision on their SB points through lifetime. More you refer higher you will earn.


  • Watch Videos

Watching videos is limited to some countries. For Indian users this options is not available.

However, you will get limited videos per day, you can make only 50-100 SB points through this option. So, don’t expect too much from this option.


  • Swagbucks Search Engine

Most of the people prefer to use Google, Yahoo or Bing as their search engine which will help you to search, but these options doesn’t help you in earnings. If you want to utilise each and every online action and convert it into earning then Swagbucks is the best option. Make Swagbucks as your default search engine, and earn 50-100 SB points daily.


How To Convert SB points Into Paypal Cash?

Follow Below Steps to Convert your SB points.

  1. Go to reward store.
  2. Click on All Gift Cards
  3. Select Paypal Card You Want to use. It ranges from $5 to $100, click on snag this.
  4. A pop up message will appear to confirm your email address of Swagbucks and Paypal should be same.
  5. On next page you have to confirm your address, please ensure your address is correct.
  6. They will send you the mail to verify your order.
  7. Once your order is verified, you will get notified through mail that money money will be credited in your paypal account.

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at

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