Are you looking for extra online income beside your main job? do you know there is an one social media which pays you for your activity on their site, yes, you read it right ūüôā website is called as ““. A social site where you get paid for social activity similar to other social sites like: login, post, upload, refer and communicate with other members.

To join click here 

There are two ways to generate daily income with as follows:

1 . becoming an active members (You need to login everyday for atleast 5-10 minutes until monky site calls your name to accept your earning) & referring friends to their site who also do same as you are doing regularly.

2 . becoming a city tycoon (purchase available cities in auction in, you can earn money when any members join from your city.

What says about basic earnings read below,

“Just by being and active citizen of you are given a free basic living wage. Each day The Site Monkey divides all the earnings from the day before and gives each member that is online their share of the previous days earnings.”

“All you have to do is login each day and click the accept earnings link that pops up when the monkey calls your name. If you miss clicking on time don’t worry the monkey will call you again.
That’s all there is to it… The bigger the site grows the more everyone earns!” This is the easiest job in the world, isn’t it.

“Everyday after login member get free earnings based on GOLD, which can be converted into real cash “CAD”.”

Now you might have doubt that how MonkyTalk pays revenue to their members for only being active. Right? So Read below “how MonkyTalk pays money for being active only?”

Where Does The Site Get The Money?

97% of all the revenue from the advertisements that show on the monkytalk website goes to pay the members. It gets automatically deposited into your monkytalk bank account as soon as you click accept.Your city Tycoon gets to charge a 9% Tax on your earnings. This is their reward for taking responsibility of owning and opperating the city you join.

So you know now how you get paid for your activity. If you can’t earn money with MonkyTalk, then you can’t earn anywhere on the internet.

How To increase your Earning on

Here are the best methods you can make more GOLD (which can be converted into cash) as follows:

1 . Spread the word about MonkyTalk with your friends, colleague and family. Read the details below what MonkyTalk says to increase your earnings following this method,

“By far the fastest way to earn! Each new member you bring earns you up to $5.00 if they complete three things…

They share their share link to at least one other none member (either through social media or mail)
complete the verfication process by uploading their photo for photoID verification
Verify at least one payment method (PayPal, Payza or Payoneer)

The faster MonkyTalk grows the more wealth there is to share so spread the news everywhere!”

2 . Referring “Merchant Account” members to Read below what MonkyTalk says about “Merchant Account”:

“Invite someone you know to open a store front on and earn a cool 1000 gold coins… Share this link on your facebook page or Tweet it to cash in on this great deal!
You can also post it anywhere on the web or just email it to your friends directly. (Replace your own link).”

3 .  Posting on Read below what they says about making posts and increasing chances of your earnings:

“You can post things on just like you do on facebook. But here if other people like your posts you earn gold for each like. to see how much you earn per like check the `Todays Bonus Values` section below.
Posts That Count For Likes Include:

Pictures (Must be in public albums)
Videos (From You Tube only)
Blog Posts
MoshBox Song Posts. ”

4 .  Boosting Posts on Read the brief details here how you can increase your earnings boosting your own post:

“Members can pay to have a post Boosted. To boost a post they offer an amount in gold for your like/dislike and comment on a post. This is the only time you can earn for liking posts. Look for the Boost Notification in the main chat… They will let you know when a post is boosted and how much the booster is paying.”

5 . Welcome new member in your own words tell them why they should become a regular member on (one greeting per new member only). Reward: 50 Gold Coins

More Information About Paid Likes & Referrels

I will let you know shortly about how Paid Likes & Paid Referrels works below through their own direction as follows:

Understanding Paid Likes

Each Post can earn only 1 like per member ever.
Each member can give you 1 paid like per day.
Each member can give 30 paid likes/Day.
Do not ask for likes you can be fined and lose gold for begging

The key to success is inviting as many friends as you can because each friend can help you earn each day. Be positive and support your friends communicate with them so they know how to earn as well. Do not be a complainer this only drives people away and lowers your chances of earning.
Have fun and do not sit there watching your bank every ten seconds! Be a promoter not a nay sayer Do these things and your earnings will increase!

Understanding Paid Referrals

New referrals must become active members to be paid
30 days after joining you will be paid if the member was active during that time.
If the member becomes active after the 30 days you will be paid.

I will recommend everyone to join on these systems and earn money login everyday, referring friends and becoming a city tycoon to make real daily online income or advertise on their site free from your joining bonus. Cheers!!

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Is monkeytalk legit or Scam?

Whatever you are thinking is correct, after all you are spending your precious time and you should get something for all your hard-work and dedication.

Don’t worry it is legit site, and it is paying for all active members, for your reference I am here posting my latest payment proof

How to earn money on social media

The People Who Bring More Members are earning more, and¬†This is the fastest way to earn…

What are you waiting for  join and earn money on

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