What is an online data entry job?

The Internet is filled with various home based works, among which one of the most popular work from home option is Data Entry.

Data entry is a very broad term that encompasses a number of occupations. These jobs are plentiful for skilled workers with quick and accurate keyboard skills. This job can be  differentiate with other job only because it can be done from remote locations. I am very much sure you must  have read about it before, if you searched for online money making  opportunities.

An online data entry career quite often requires no more than a high school education. When it comes to working an online data entry job, proficiency and accuracy are the keys to obtaining a position.

To Secure an online data entry job you will need an internet connection to access the database,  and typing skills For example reading data from PDF report and typing it into Excel sheet , reading old scanned images and typing data into MS word etc are the kinds of data entry jobs.

Now a days many businesses collect an enormous amount of data such as customer details, product details, research data and so on. They collect this data through various platforms like website, social media, blogs, surveys and so on. As mentioned above this data is collected from multiple sources, they need to aggregate all this data into one platform where they can study and perform analyst on it.

For these kind of jobs most of the businesses need people who can do this work for them. Most of the organizations outsource data entry jobs to other companies who hire freelancers to do data entry jobs for them.

This opportunity provide you a great way to make money on internet.

Skills Required –

  1. Basic Computer Knowledge
  2. Quick and accurate Typing Skills.
  3. Experience in Microsoft office (Specially MS Word and MS Excel)
  4. A good configuration Computer System or Laptop.
  5. High Speed Internet Connection.

How to succeed in Data Entry Work –

  1. Setup your work space.
  2. Set a Consistent Schedule.
  3. Take a break whenever you need.
  4. Don’t handle personal tasks during your scheduled hours.
  5. And it is suitable for anyone who follows above instructions.

How to Start Data Entry Work –

Even though data entry jobs are very popular, finding legitimate data entry companies has become very difficult, due to multiple scam companies going around on the internet.  My advice to you is to remain extremely cautious before you sign up to any of data entry program.

Remember one thing legitimate companies will never ask for any money to apply for data entry jobs offered by them. To give you a start I am enlisting legitimate websites where you can signup as a data entry worker.

  • www.tdec.com
  • www.diondatasolutions.net
  • www.axiondata.com

Before applying for one of these positions, evaluate your current keyboarding skills. A little rusty at the keyboard? Start practicing to become a more accurate typist. Before you interview for a position, time your keyboarding speed and have your words per minute (WPM) score handy to share with the interviewer.

How Much I can Earn From Data Entry Work –

Typically data entry jobs from home will not earn you much money, as work availability is not very consistent. Sometimes you will find work and some times you won’t. Hence earnings are not that much predictable.

However data entry is not going to make you rich, but it’s good way to utilize your free time and earn money.



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