Jobs that Pays you to Work From Home

Hey guys in this article I will explore the job which pays you to use internet at home

in basically which job will pay you to use the internet?

Only one company will come in mind, Yes you guessed it right ” Lionbridge”.

LionBridge offers a service to search engines that helps to ensure users have a pleasant and positive experience. Ever wonder what makes your search at Google or Bing bring up the results it does? It is very complicated and actually a hidden algorithm that controls this.

However, an algorithm can fail and therefore humans must come in and evaluate the results of searches and other content that is determined by these hidden algorithms. LionBridge workers help make search engines work better.

 Lion Bridge

It helps lot of companies to hire different jobs, this is for a US ads Evaluator. So you basically analyze online ads they are found in search engines results like google, to make sure the search time for google and ad platform is working correctly. In other terms it is a crowdsource company based in Boston, Massachusetts. They hire people from all over the world. To join you must pass the qualification tests.

What kind of jobs are offered in Lionbrdige?
You can be a assessor, language translator for website, social media assessor, etc.

How Much Does Lionbridge pays?

If you work from home as a web content judge you will get $12/hour. International workers are paid less than their US candidates for the same work. Please note Lionbridge limits the 20 hours per week per job. You can apply for another job to add an extra 20 hours of work by that you can 40 hours a week working for Lionbridge.

Skills Required –

LionBridge claims you do not need to have a high level of technical knowledge to be successful. You simply need a basic understanding of browsing the internet.

  • Speak English
  • Have High Speed Internet
  • Be a Resident of your Country for at least 5 consecutive Years
  • Be able to manage your time so you can fit in 10-20 hours of work a week on your own schedule
  • Pass a two part exam

How to process lionbridge application?

It is similar to any other job you applying. They want as much as possible information about you including your job history. You don’t believe there are jobs also available which do not require a degree. Maximum it will take your one hour to fill out an application on their site.Please note there are many different jobs available but be sure to choose the right job which is suitable for you and adjust your CV accordingly.
Don’t get panic they will take lot of time to get back to you, in general application will be processed in 50 – 70 days, so you must keep patience. If required send emails in gap of 10 days for asking about your status. Once they get back to you the things will happen quickly so be prepared.

Once laionbridge contact you, they will send you password and username via email to set up a lionbridge account. Alng with your login detials they will send you reading materil to prepare you for your upcoming entrance examination.

How Lionbridge pays?

Lionbridge pays you once a month direct deposit to the bank account in your name.

Lionbridge Test Tips;

Read the material and implement their strict guidelines to each question and you will pass
Even if another answer makes more sense don’t use the answer that as a means to answer the question.
You can take test several times, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t pass the first time.

The job is pretty straight forward, once you have gotten through the application and exam, whether you are in US or India. The salary is respectable and you can always apply for another job to add up another 20 hours, and get paid for full 40 hours in a week.

why I recommend you this job?
There is no investment on your end except your time 🙂

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