What is Leapforce?

When you work as an evaluator for Leapforce you are given a lot freedom when it comes to performing tasks. You are not required to work at a certain time like most other jobs. With Leapforce or Lionbridge, you can work at any time, and any day that you wish, but as you may already noticed tasks are available at random time slots during the day, and in some cases the limit of tasks in some countries is just 2-3 hours per day…That is why it is highly important to be able to identify those time slots and to be one of those raters who complete maximum number of tasks. Here are step by step tips regarding how to increase your productivity as a search engine evaluator: For more info

please have a look on FAQ


What is a Leapforce At Home independent agent?

A Leapforce At Home independent agent is an independent contractor that creates and manages their own business. Leapforce At Home agents contract with Leapforce to provide search engine evaluation for Leapforce clients.

How do I generate revenue as a Leapforce At Home independent agent?

Leapforce contracts with independent agents to perform work available from our customers. Agents invoice Leapforce for each hour of work they complete.

How often are Leapforce At Home agents paid?

Leapforce At Home agents will invoice Leapforce for rendered services once per calendar month. Fees to independent agents are paid (via direct deposit) within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice.

Will it cost me anything to become a Leapforce At Home agent?

There is absolutely no cost to become an independent agent. Zero. Leapforce is compensated by our clients for the evaluation services provided to them. However, if you do not have the required computer equipment, Internet access, working space, etc. to perform your assignments you may need to purchase such items.

Is there a contractor fee or a registration fee to become an independent agent?

Leapforce does not charge a contractor’s fee or a registration fee of any kind.

Am I required to take and pass a qualification exam to become an independent agent?

Yes, to become a Leapforce At Home independent agent, you are required to take and pass a three-part qualification exam. The exam tests both your theoretical and practical comprehension of search engine evaluation. The qualification exam is difficult and will require your full attention to complete successfully. Please be sure to allow sufficient time to complete the examination.

If I fail any part of the qualification exam am I allowed to take the exam again at a later date?

If you fail any part of the exam, you may be eligible for a one-time retake.

As a Leapforce At Home independent agent, am I reimbursed for expenses?

No, as an independent contractor you are responsible for all business expenses. This includes any computer equipment, materials or services required to conduct your work.

How long before my business will generate revenue?

Once you complete the online registration process and pass the online qualification exam, your business will be ready to generate revenue. Most agents can complete the registration and qualification process within 14 days.

Am I required to form a corporation to become a Leapforce At Home independent agent?

It is not a requirement to form a corporation to become an independent agent. However, you will need a valid Tax Identification Number. If your business is a corporation, LLC or partnership, you should already have a Tax Identification Number. If you are a Sole-Proprietorship or are self-employed, you will use your social security number as your Tax Identification Number. Your state may have different requirements and it is your responsibility to ensure you meet your local requirements. Leapforce will provide you a 1099-Miscellaneous Income Form for year-end tax reporting.

Is there a minimum age requirement for independent agents?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to become an independent contractor that provides services to Leapforce.

It’s a perfect start for someone who has no money at all. This is the reason I am insisting you to join leapforce you don’t have to invest any money nor start any business. Leapforce is an independent company contracted by Google, Bing and other big search engines to help them assess thier algorithms.


Suitable For –

For anyone who has a laptop and decent speed internet connection.


Skills Required –

  1. People who have excellent web research and analytical abilities.
  2. People having good verbal and written communication skills.


How to Monetize –

You will earn $12-$13/hour if you are a U.S citizen and $7/hour if you are a citizen of any asian or african country.


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