Almost we all use android phones every day and in a day we all swipe the lock screen of our phones at least 20-30 times to unlock the phone. Am I right?

Then why not use this to make some money. There are legit applications in this market which will pay you to unlock your phone. Yes I am right for unlocking your own phone.

Most of these applications will display ads, images, videos and articles on your lock screen of your phone. When you watch it and swipe, you earn points which can be redeemed for cash, Amazon gift cards, mobile recharge coupons or discount coupons.

This is the amazing way of making money but it’s true. But keep in mind, these applications are only available for android phones. You will need an android phone before getting started.

Following are the unlock ads apps you must try:

How to Monetize –

More you swipe your locked screen more you will earn.

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