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Hello Guys,

 I have sorted some  new Ideas, After spending lot of time online and struggled to make money.

My intention is always to help my followers!

Hang on, before things get out of hand,  categorize yourself to below mentioned categories;

  1.  If you are not able to differentiate between scam and legit sites, I  suggest you not to waste your precious time online, please don’t mind you are not suitable for online platform, stay happy with your offline work whatever you are currently doing.
  2. If you are the person who is ready to accept any challenge and don’t get panic on your first couple of attempts and see success after the series of failure on legit sites, then continue reading this article.


Have you categorize yourself? 

Why I am asking you to categorize?  (more…)

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How To Make Money on Social Media

Are you looking for extra online income beside your main job? do you know there is an one social media which pays you for your activity on their site, yes, you read it right 🙂 website is called as ““. A social site where you get paid for social activity similar to other social sites like: login, post, upload, refer and communicate with other members.

To join click here 

There are two ways to generate daily income with as follows:

1 . becoming an active members (You need to login everyday for atleast 5-10 minutes until monky site calls your name to accept your earning) & referring friends to their site who also do same as you are doing regularly.

2 . becoming a city tycoon (purchase available cities in auction in, you can earn money when any members join from your city. (more…)

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